Windows That Inspire

A garden window is a lovely way to add natural light, showcase plants, and add character to the home. It protrudes from the house, encased in glass on all sides to let light in from every angle. It has a deep-set base, and you can add a middle shelf for extra display space. As the name implies, a garden window is commonly used to grow houseplants or a small herb garden. They have a fixed top and front and two working side windows to allow for cross ventilation.

Our Garden Windows are high performance, low maintenance windows specially designed for new home construction:

  • Our Garden Windows have a vinyl formula crafted for superior results
  • Our own innovative SmartTouch® Lock for easy opening and closing
  • Energy-efficient package options suited to your region
  • The Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind

Features & Options

Handles & Locks

Automatic locks for horizontal and hung windows close and lock with one simple click.

One-touch close and lock
Integral pull rail
Vent latch for adjustable ventilation

French Swing Door Handle Palette